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Prewired Pickups

Fender Standard Strat LOADED PICKGUARD PICKUPS Stratocaster Prewired


KAISH Prewired 3 Band Active & Passive EQ Equalizer Bass Preamp for ElectricBass


Chrome "Snake Oil" Mini Humbucker Pre-Wired Guitar Pickup with Volume


Black 3 Way Toggle Switch pre-wired for EMG pickups Solderless Shielded


Prewired 4 String Electric Guitar Cigar Soundhole Pickup


Dragonfire Prewired-Loaded Strat Pickguard HSS Crusaders, White Pearl w/ Black


EMG SV Stratocaster USA Pickups Complete Loaded PreWired Assembly Pickguard


Florentine Screamer(tm) Pre-wired Pickup w/ Volume, Tone & Tortoise Pickguard


GOLD 3 Way toggle Switch pre-wired for EMG pickups Solderless Shielded


Fender Squier 60s Strat LOADED PICKGUARD Stratocaster Guitar Prewired Tortoise


"Serial Killer" Fender Telecaster prewired control plate 5 Way


Various Loaded Strat Pickguard Prewired ST Pickguard with Ceramic Pickups


ST Electric Guitar Pickups Wiring Harness Prewired 5-Way Switch 2T1V SSH Pickups


Dragonfire HSS Strat Pickguard Prewired Loaded w/ Crusaders Black Guard w/ Black


Chrome Lipstick Tube Single Coil Guitar Pickup Harness Prewired with Volume/Jack


Fender Standard Strat LOADED PICKGUARD Prewired Orange Drop Cap CTS Pots


Gold "Toaster Bucker" Pre-Wired Humbucker Guitar Pickup with Volume Control


Dragonfire Prewired-Loaded Strat Pickguard HSS, 3 Ply Black with Black Pickups




Guitar Pickup of Wood 3-string Pickup For Cigar Box Guitar Pre-Wired Jack


1 Set OriPure Humbucker Pickup Loaded Prewired Pickguard for Strat SSS Guitar


Pre-Wired Piezo Pickup Cigar Box Guitar Acoustic Mandolin Violin Ukulele 250k


Pre-Wired 4-String Electric Cigar Box Guitar Pickup with Volume


Wooden Pre-wired Piezo Pickup for Cigar Box Guitars Instruments and Stomp Boxes


920D Custom Tele Telecaster Loaded Pre-Wired Pickguard Tex-Mex Pickups CR


Dragonfire Prewired-Loaded Strat Pickguard SSS, 3 Ply Black with RED Pickups


Magnet Guitar Pre-Wired Sound Hole Pickup with Volume & Tone for Guitar (W21)


Loaded Black FD Strat Guitar Pickguard with HSS Pickups Pots & Switch Prewired


Les Paul Pre-Wired Wiring Harness Kit | Bourns 500 kΩ Pots, SoZo Yellow Mustard


3 Three String Cigar Box Guitar Pickup Pre Wired Single Coil Electric Jack Wood


Prewired Loaded SSS Guitar Pickguard Alnico V Pickups For Fender Strat Guitar


Prewired Soundhole Pickup For Cigar Box Guitar Volume Tone Knob Blue Pearl


Dragonfire Prewired Loaded Blues Kat HSS w/ TEXAS BLUES Alnico Pickups, White Wt


Gold Abolone Pearl Prewired SSS Pickguard with Alnico 5 Pickups and Gold Trim


EMG SL20 Steve Lukather Prewired Pickguard Pickup Set Black with Clip-On Tuner


Fender Vintage 60s RI Jazz Bass LOADED PICKGUARD Guitar Parts Tortoise Prewired!


EMG SL20 Steve Lukather Prewired Pickguard Pickup Set BLK + FREE Clip-On Tuner