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Tips on Choosing An Outdoor Ceiling Fan


Durability of the ceiling fan. The ability of a ceiling fan to stay long without repair is ranked with the material used to make it. . Most ceiling fans are made from metal composition which will rust if exposed to moisture. To prevent a rusting outdoor ceiling fan it is good to buy a stainless steel which does not rust. The key point in outdoor ceiling fans is to endure the outdoor conditions. The covering of the outdoor ceiling fan motor should be water proof preventing the motor fan from water moisture affecting the motor. The motor in a ceiling fan should be covered with proof water material such as plastics.

The place you are going to mount the outdoor ceiling fan. It is good to consider the place you are going to install if it will be open or in a covered zone. It is advisable to use UL wet rating ceiling fans to persevere things such as rain to reduce damages caused by rust. UL wet rating ceiling fans can work well even after enduring a heavy rain fall. UL wet rating ceiling fans are also easy to maintain since they are easy to clean.

Geographic  factor. Outdoor ceiling fan (PowerHouseFans) performance vary  from one geographic region to the other region. This due to some geographic region experience high humidity such as near to the ocean and other regions experiencing low humidity such as semi-arid places. People who live aside the ocean, know that salt water plays a major influence in the day to day life. Areas near the ocean, outdoor ceiling fans should be UL wet rating due to the high level of moisture in the air, easy to wash the salt residue along the motor and also reduce the high rate of rust. It is advisable if you reside near the ocean, you should wash your outdoor ceiling fan every now and then to prevent salt water rust.

You can consider the shape, style or colour as a tip in purchasing the outdoor ceiling. Every outdoor ceiling fan have different styles, finishes and shapes. It is encouraged to buy an outdoor ceiling fan that fits the theme of your outdoor environment. When you have a modern theme on your outdoor yard it should be accompanied by modern style ceiling fans to fit the theme of the outdoor yard. The main aim here is to stay committed to the outdoor spaces so as the style and colour of the ceiling fan does match with the theme environment. Finishes offer the best view of an outdoor ceiling fan as based to the environment spaces.


Size needed to cover the outdoor zone. Outdoor ceiling fans come in different sizes in which are capable of cooling different certain spaces. So you will have to be sure of the size of the area where you will want the outdoor ceiling fan to cover during functioning. Different sizes of outdoor ceiling fans vary with different air blow efficiency which enables you to buy the one that suits you and calculate energy cost.


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